I am so glad I’ve been getting my eating together and my fitness on the past two weeks or the fact that the Chinese takeout place texted me last night to let me know they were changing their Grubhub listing would have really hurt my feelings.


I’ve been back in a traditional gym (I joined the Planet Fitness so I can go with a friend who uses the location a few blocks from my house) and if you were wondering I still hate the elliptical. The whole motion of the machine just feels unnatural to me and I spent the whole time hating it/trying to do it correctly.

I attempted it for all of 30 seconds and returned to the treadmill for another 15 minutes.

Next up, weight machines A.K.A. lifting heavy things with my parts repetitively. 



The instructor that duplicates this class in NYC will be picking up coins like a bonus level of Super Mario.

(via babefield)